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The Tax & Financial Professional’s Breakthrough System™

Your Dream is to gain knowledge. You want to provide your clients with a full array of financial services. You want the ability to collaborate with other financial professionals you can trust. You look forward to future financial independence for yourself and your family. You want to maintain your professional independence, individuality, integrity and credibility. You would like to have an exit strategy.

“Joe Campisi was instrumental in ensuring the Pennsylvania legislation was not passed which would have prevented Certified Public Accountants from accepting commissions as a method of compensation.”

John A. Lawless
The Honorable John A. Lawless
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Our Mission is that your clients remain your clients. Not all financial services firms are created equal. We see that all things are possible. We have an extensive menu of financial services available to you. We offer support from a network of tax and financial professionals to help provide solutions and uncover opportunities for you and your clients. We can provide a succession plan for you. AND we offer a HIGH competitive payout.

“… the expansion of Enrolled Agents into the field of financial services can be attributed to the efforts of Joe Campisi…”
Janet B. Bray
Executive Vice President
National Association of Enrolled Agents

Your Reality is that you have an extensive menu of financial services. You receive a HIGH competitive payout. You have financial consultants at your call. You have your own coach. You have regular training workshops available. You have the ability to provide your clients with complete financial and tax services. You can relax… you have the choice to sell products to your clients or we can do the selling for you. You have a succession plan available to you. You work smarter… not harder, because you are a ‘partner’ in the Campisi Financial Network.

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