Q: Why would I add financial services to an already successful tax and accounting practice?
A: The addition of financial services to your tax practice enhances your position as your clients’ trusted advisor and increases the value of your practice.

Q: Will I be expected to sell specific investments or insurance company products?
A: Absolutely not! There are no proprietary products. You are free to choose from a large selection of investments and insurance companies. We do however actively maintain Premier Sponsor & Affiliate relationships through which CFN Reps obtain excellent support and service.

Q: Why would I switch to the Campisi Financial Network®?
A: We understand your business. We help uncover opportunities as well as provide solutions for you. We are also available to assist you in implementing those solutions if you choose.

Q: What type of support can I expect from Campisi Financial Network®?
A: As a part of our team, our dedicated professionals are available to assist you through our back office services and sales support.

Q: Are there sales quotas?
A: While we do not adhere to ‘one-size-fits-all’ sales quotas, we do believe in working individually with each rep to set goals in an effort to enhance and improve productivity through education and training.