Benefits of Joining

New Beginnings Formula™

Our New Beginnings Formula™ is a vast array of benefits and services available to all new Representatives coming on board as a member of the CFN team. One of these benefits is the service of the CFN Transition Team.

We take each new Representatives association with us very seriously. We will manage and direct every step of the transition process from ‘Pre-hire’ to submitting your initial piece of business. A smooth transition is very important to all parties involved and the CFN Transition Team works hand-in-hand with H. Beck, Inc., to ensure that becomes a reality for each and every new Representative.

Once the transition process comes to an end, CFN’s commitment to you continues. Our office will help you with any ‘how-to’ operational questions. CFN is here to help you grow your business and succeed.

Practice Profiler™

Campisi Financial Network®’s Practice Profiler™ is our way of identifying the obstacles that keep you from becoming the provider of all of your client’s financial needs. By identifying the opportunities that exist in your practice we enable you to simplify your methods by providing real life solutions that work.

Facts of Life Experience®

At CFN we focus on building your practice in the most ethically sound format, providing fulfillment with all parties involved. We understand that as a tax professional breaking into the financial services arena, there is a multitude of information and programs bombarding you from various sources. Often this is a “time eater” for even seasoned professionals. Our mission is to sift through that information for you and provide a logical format for running your business. Simply put, “Our goal is to get you working smarter, not harder.” With this in mind, we developed a unique system that you can utilize with your clients and prospective clients, providing you with a means to broaden the scope of your practice.