Personal Services

We can help guide you and your family towards the path of financial independence. Our network of accounting, tax, and financial professionals can analyze your current situation and offer realistic alternatives and solutions to help you achieve your goals.

The Facts of Life Experience®

The Facts of Life Experience® is our unique process of working together with individuals and families who have needs and concerns with their financial well-being. Each step of the process can be mutually exclusive, depending upon your individual or family situation. Our team works together with you to understand, discover, uncover and find solutions, so that you and your family have a custom-tailored plan to work towards achieving your immediate, short-term and long-term goals. Continued monitoring, support, and communication allow us to make any changes necessary to your plan as your lives change, whether it be a new addition to the family, a child going away to college, a job change, retirement, saving for a vacation home, protecting your hard work and wealth for future generations, and the multitude of changes, challenges and dreams that you may encounter through your lifetimes. Hence… the “Facts of Life Experience®”

The Wishing Well™ is our initial meeting where we review what brought you to this point; your feelings and experiences up to this time. We review our processes with you and what you can expect from our team and a continued relationship with The Campisi Financial Network™. We will provide you with an overview of the discussion containing dangers to be eliminated, opportunities to be focused on and a plan and path utilizing specific tools and our unique methods.

The Taxability Metrics™ is our process of helping you keep more of what you earn.

The Leverage Identifier™ is our process of analyzing your current debt structure in light of your objectives and reorganizing if necessary.

The Exposure Profiler™ is our complete risk analysis process utilized to seek out, identify and reduce or transfer unacceptable risks.

The Returns Analyzer™ is our process of evaluating your investment portfolio to ensure it is aligned with your tolerance for risk, goals and time horizon.

The Education Wizard™ is our education planning process. We carefully evaluate your current situation, time horizon, savings ability, alternative methods and propose realistic solutions.

The Horizon Viewer™ is our retirement planning process for individuals and business owners.

The Legacy Approach™ is designed to assist you in lifetime planning issues, including contingency planning in case of incapacity and planning an efficient and tax advantaged distribution of wealth at death.

The Facts of Life Monitor™ is our process involving the continued monitoring, support and communication which allow us to make any changes necessary to your plan as your lives and goals evolve.

Personal Tax Services

We take a proactive and analytical approach to your tax planning needs. We do not only prepare your tax returns, we help you plan for the future. Campisi Financial Network® is here for all of your tax needs. We can prepare and file your taxes quickly using the IRS’ e-file™.

We also have Enrolled Agents and CPA’s to assist you in representation before the Internal Revenue Service.

CFN has skilled tax professionals able to prepare any type of return, including, but not limited to, individual, business, estates, and trusts.

To find out how we can assist you in all of your tax and financial needs, contact us today.