Retirement Plan & Benefit Services

We pride ourselves in helping you reach your goals. You can rely on us to help guide your investing decisions. Our investment services most often begin with developing a mutual understanding of your risk tolerance, time horizon, income/liquidity needs, required/expected return and tax situation.

An honest assessment of your risk tolerance is needed in order to develop an investment strategy that will help achieve your goals while keeping you comfortable during the inevitable fluctuations of the market. Keep in mind that the higher the expected return you would like to achieve, the higher the risk you will most likely have to assume. Take some time and think about your ability to tolerate the uncertainties, complexities and volatility inherent in the investment markets.

Your time horizon is one of the most significant factors in planning your finances. If you plan to retire next year, then your investment portfolio would look remarkably different than if you were in your 20s and just beginning the process of saving for your future.

Your required return will be a function of your goals and the time you have to achieve
them, within a realistic realm. This is a game plan designed to help in achieving your goals, not trying to beat the market. Keep in mind that even with small goals it is important to take into consideration the impact of inflation, therefore investors who currently need income may still want to gear a portion of their overall assets towards capital appreciation.

Asset allocation is an investment strategy that aims to reduce investment risk, while maintaining an acceptable rate of return, by spreading an individual’s investments over a range of asset types. By choosing a mix of different investments, you may not get the full impact of a rising stock market, but you may help cushion yourself if stock prices decline. Also, over longer periods, you’ll very likely do better than if you had invested only in the “safest” investments. Asset allocation is determined in part through a risk assessment questionnaire. Due to daily market and economic changes your actual Asset Allocation will vary and we may recommend changes to these percentages over time in accordance with the changing market and economic conditions.