Estate Planning

Every estate is either planned by you or the government. To accomplish the most advantageous distribution of your estate during your lifetime and at death, you need to be proactively involved in the process.

Estate planning is not just about saving taxes. The numerous other benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Control of assets during lifetime and after death
  • Providing for dependant children
  • Minimizing and/or eliminating financial and emotional burden on heirs
  • Business continuation
  • Minimizing and/or eliminating the expense and burden of probate

You may uncover a need for estate planning through the Wishing Well™ process. Depending upon the strategies needed, an appropriate solution could be found using any of the following documents or a combination of them (The following list is not all inclusive):

  • A simple will
  • Durable power of attorney
  • A living will
  • Health care power of attorney
  • A revocable living trust
  • An irrevocable trust
  • A bypass trust
  • An irrevocable life insurance trust