The CFN Story

Campisi & Campisi, Inc., the predecessor to CFN began in 1981 as the husband and wife partnership between Joseph and Rhonda Campisi. The original business focus was accounting and taxes for small business and individual income tax planning and preparation. By the third year, the Company’s interest in total financial planning necessitated the co-founder to pursue the Certified Financial Planner® designation.

The idea of being proactive in helping people achieve goals in all areas of their financial lives as opposed to the historical nature of accounting and tax preparation was far too important to ignore. There was a realization that even though the Company’s focus was accounting & taxes, in actuality it was part of a much larger business, that of financial services; an area that encompassed insurance, investments, retirement & estate planning as well as tax planning.

While practicing financial planning, they soon realized that the development of the financial plan without its implementation was a waste of time and resources. Even though one of the co-founders was a Certified Financial Planner® practitioner, he was not licensed to sell securities and insurance. Therefore he was referring that piece of the plan to other institutions or advisors. Many times, the clients were sold insurance and/or investment products that were not recommended or would not achieve the client’s desired goals. This problem needed to be eliminated so that the implementation of the client’s plans could be part of the Company’s full portfolio of services.

During the 1990′s, the Company dedicated much of its time to the tax profession serving the Pennsylvania Society of Enrolled Agents in many capacities including President and the National Association of Enrolled Agents, as the Developer and Chairman of the Financial & Estate Planning Institute.

In the Financial Planning arena, CFN has served and supported fellow registered representatives as mentor, chapter director, and as a fee-based consultant providing education, training, speaking and coaching programs to Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals. CFN has assisted many representatives of the Financial Planning industry to build a total financial advisory practice.

As the CFN founders’ experience indicates, they have first-hand knowledge of what differentiates a top producing tax and financial professional from a mediocre producer. The art of taking these tax professionals and turning them into top producers has been the foundation of our work ethic. Herein lies the founding philosophy of the Campisi Financial Network®.